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Planning, Programming & Design

Taking a vision and developing it into a finished project requires planning & programming. Planning takes into account the most basic aspects of the project including site location and access, sun exposure, landscaping, grading, drainage and utilities. Programming is the arrangement of all spaces within and around the structure to create a functional, coherent, and pleasing design that incorporates all of the client's wishes.

Residential Architecture

Your home is often the single largest financial investment of your life. Whether starting from scratch or improving your existing home, we understand that every dollar you spend is to increase not only it's value, but the enjoyment you and your family experience on a daily basis. We are experienced in all aspects and styles of residential design and can assist you in realizing your dream.

Commercial & Retail Architecture

A first impression may be as simple as the facade of your office building or storefront. Attracting new business to your location and creating a space in which both employees and customers can feel inspired is the key to commercial & retail architecture. Our experience spans from large commercial office building design to individual custom display units for small retail operations.

Interiors & Exteriors

Four walls and a roof do not make a home. It's the warmth of the interiors, the arrangement of the rooms, and the efficiency of the space that are the heart and soul of a building. From kitchens to bathrooms and everything in between, the design and selection of millwork, lighting, finishes, fixtures and trim is an important aspect of architecture.

Additional Services

  • Construction Contract Bidding Preparation & Execution
  • Zoning & Environmental Code Analysis
  • Acquisition of Zoning Variances and Special Use Permits
  • Development Feasibility Studies
  • Professional Representation at Public Hearings and presentations to the Planning Board, Zoning Board, Town Board and Architectural Review Board

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